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When fiery Methodist evangelist William Booth decided in 1865 that he could no longer preach the Christian Gospel to the poor and wretched of England unless he also put food into their stomachs, he probably did not imagine that the movement he started would grow into a worldwide organisation. Today, nearly 150 years later, The Salvation Army is trusted and recognised throughout the globe, providing a unique blend of evangelism and service to people in more than 120 countries through 175 languages. Our worldwide evangelical Christian church has its own distinctive governance and practice following the mainstream of the Christian faith, with articles of faith that emphasise God’s saving purposes. Booth’s simply philosophy of “Heart to God, hand to man” remains as vital and relevant in our society today as it was all those years ago, and continues to guide the work of our organisation. Our special concern for the poor, the neglected and the marginalised, and our determination to uphold social justice is motivated by our love of God.

Through this website, we invite you to read about and share in our faith and witness, as well as our outreach in Southern Africa. If at any stage you are moved to contribute to our ministry, please click on the “Make a Difference” button on the right hand side of each page to do so. Alternatively, you can donate R30 by sending an SMS to 42290. Your contribution to God’s work through The Salvation Army is deeply appreciated!



South African Salvation Army Advertising Campaign Becomes Worldwide Phenomenon

London, 6 March 2015/IHQ/ – AN innovative Salvation Army campaign in South Africa to raise awareness of domestic abuse has taken social media by storm. Only a few hours after a hard-hitting advert was published, the social media reach had hit more than 16 million people, with no signs of a slow-down.


Easter 2013 Celebrations

Join us for our Easter Celebrations in Cape Town with Special Guests Commissioners William & Thalitha Langa. To find out all the information on this event, click the "Read more" link.

The Salvation Army warns about bogus operator

Major Carin Holmes, Territorial Public Relations Secretary of The Salvation Army, has warned the public to be on the lookout for a bogus representative of the organisation currently operating in the Krugersdorp / Roodepoort area.

New session of cadets "Disciples of the Cross" welcome events

To find out all the information on this event, click the "Read more" link.

Proclaimers of the Resurrection - Commissioning and Ordination

To find out all the information on this event, click the "Read more" link.


Press Releases

Criminal gang hits home for abandoned babies

Sunday, 3rd May 2015  I  For immediate release

Ethembeni, The Salvation Army's home for abandoned babies in Doornfontein, has been hit by criminals who traumatised the staff and made off with several items of value during a 40-minute attack.

Every act of violence against foreigners crucifies Jesus again: Salvation Army

Friday, 17th April 2015  I  For immediate release

The Salvation Army has condemned the wave of attacks on foreigners currently happening in South Africa, saying that in every violent and brutal act, Christ is once again crucified.

Salvation Army advert triggers massive interest on social media

Friday, 6th March 2015  I  For immediate release

A Salvation Army advert that used “the dress” to highlight abuse against women today triggered massive interest – almost all of it positive – on social media.

Salvation Army welcomes focus on human trafficking

Friday, 27th February 2015  I  For immediate release

The Salvation Army has welcomed this year's focus on World Day of Social Justice on ending human trafficking and forced labour, and has urged South Africans to make a renewed effort to bring to light instances of people, particularly women and children, being held against their will in acts of trafficking.

Salvation Army joins the fight against Ebola

Thursday, 18th September 2014  I  For immediate release

The Salvation Army has joined the fight against the deadly Ebola disease through a number of initiatives in Liberia, West Africa.