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140 Years of growing side by side

I’m grateful for the opportunity to return to our Public Relations Department this year. This comes at a time when a lot has changed due to the increasing number of challenges our society is facing – unemployment, load shedding, and the ever-rising cost of living. And the Church is not immune to those challenges.

Despite that, we affirm why we exist as The Salvation Army: to save souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity.

Disadvantaged communities are always the most affected by events, and our mission is to come alongside them and address the challenges they face. My hope is that all Salvationists, friends and partners will join hands with us in easing the suffering in society.

In this year of 2023 the Territory is celebrating 140 years of growing side by side. And we’re particularly grateful for how you’ve helped us reach this milestone of making a difference in people’s lives.

Thank you for trusting The Salvation Army as your hands in addressing community needs.

Please join with us as we celebrate this milestone in September 2023. Your continued prayers and support are essential and highly appreciated as we continue to address poverty, gender based violence, substance abuse and other issues damaging our Southern African society.

Major Thataetsile Semeno

Public Relations Secretary, Southern Africa Territory