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What is an Officer?

A Salvation Army Officer is involved in full-time ministry, and is committed to service within The Salvation Army. This service can be congregational, social or administrative in nature, depending on the gifts, interests and abilities of the individual, and the needs of the mission and the organisation.

Salvation Army Officership does offer:

  • An opportunity for ministry
  • A world-wide mission field

The fulfilment that comes from making a real difference in terms of saving souls, and serving suffering humanity.

Salvation Army Officership does not offer:

  • Material wealth
  • Comfort and Luxury
  • A life free from difficulties and challenges

How does the call come?

Every Officer can tell a different story. God doesn’t call all His servants in the same way. Some hear an inner voice – others may not. Some may respond in a meeting – others may be praying in the silence of night. It doesn’t matter how the call comes. What matters is that those who God calls must answer and obey.