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Have you considered the difference that you could make through a bequest?

By including The Salvation Army in your Will, you will be doing the following:

  • Offering a gift of hope to the future generation of South Africa.
    • bequests made to The Salvation Army are a major source of funding funding for capital development projects such as homeless centres, ages facilities, rehabilitation and community centres.
  • Providing shelter for those who need it.
    • we address the wider homeless issues through a range of services from activities at our community centres, to programmes for youth at risk from drugs or abuse.
  • Assisting us in our drive to protect vulnerable children
    • we assist children that need food, clothing and shelter. We offer counselling to mothers if there is an identified need.
  • Assisting individuals who have been affected by disasters.
    • we have always been in the front line during times of wars and disasters. Our Emergency Services personnel are highly train and ready to move at a moments notice to an emergency.

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