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Psychiatric Centres

Mountain Lodge Psychiatric Centre

The Salvation Army’s Mountain Lodge Psychiatric Centre, situated in the tranquil Magaliesburg, provides psychiatric residential care for 60 men and women. Opened in 1996, Mountain Lodge was originally a conference centre and then a men’s home prior to it being converted for its current usage. Most residents live at Mountain Lodge on a long-term basis, with few able to adjust back to a “normal” environment. The Lodge provides a stable and safe environment, in which medication is carefully controlled. Counselling is provided for spiritual and other problems, while a programme of participation in various activities is encouraged. The idea is to create a “home away from home” environment in which residents can reach their full potential.

To be admitted to the Centre, patients must have a documented psychiatric illness. They are usually referred from local psychiatric clinics or hospitals, and are frequently on disability grants.

The purpose of the Centre is for people to work together, to accomplish small tasks, to feel that they are important, to give them a sense of belonging, to encourage them to do something and not fade away in a corner, to have a purpose in life through a living relationship with Jesus Christ and experience God’s love. In so doing, we believe that they will feel good about themselves and will want to reach their highest potential, knowing what their limitations are and where possible, re-integrating into society.

Every morning the day starts where all the residents and staff come together just before breakfast for devotions. The residents and staff take turns to do the devotions. After breakfast each resident participates in household cleaning duties (Work Sections), as part of the therapy programme. Every resident is expected to participate in the programme (unless they are already involved in some sort of therapy). The idea is to encourage residents to develop themselves and to be actively involved with their interests and hobbies. The programme has helped many to develop themselves by doing things that they love to do. Others need continuous motivation and encouragement to do something.The programme includes exercise, arts and crafts, fellowship, group discussions, bible studies, fun and games, movies, walks, literacy class, etc. As part of the programme we also arrange various functions at least once a quarter where the residents enjoy good food and good fun. We also invite people outside our centre to join in the events.

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