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International Presence

Internationally, The Salvation Army’s representation in many countries, such as Australia (1881), Argentina (1890), Canada (1882), Finland (1889), Jamaica (1887), Norway (1888) and Pakistan (1883) goes way back to within founder William Booth’s lifetime. Indeed, Booth lived to establish Salvation Army work in 58 countries and colonies and travelled extensively before his promotion to Glory in 1912.

At the head of this vast organisation is its international leader, General Brian Peddle. The Salvation Army’s international headquarters are based in Queen Victoria Street, London, England, and provide support to the General as he leads The Salvation Army to accomplish its God-given worldwide mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human need in his name without discrimination. The Chief of Staff, second-in-command to the General, is The Salvation Army’s chief executive whose function is to implement the General’s policy decisions and effect liaison between departments. These are headed by international secretaries.

The International Management Council (IMC), established in 1991, sees to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Army’s international administration in general. It considers in detail the formation of international policy and mission. It is composed of all IHQ commissioners and meets monthly with the General taking the chair.

The General’s Consultative Council (GCC), established in July 2001, advises the General on matters relating to the Army’s mission strategy and policy. The GCC is composed of all officers who qualify to attend a High Council, and operates through a Lotus Notes database. Selected members also meet four times a year at IHQ with the General taking the chair.

The first international headquarters was established in 1880 in Whitechapel Road, and moved to Queen Victoria Street in 1881. Destroyed by fire during the Second World War, the IHQ building was rebuilt and opened by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, in November 1963. Following a brief residency at William Booth College, Denmark Hill, in the early years of the 21st century, the International Headquarters returned to its Queen Victoria Street site and the new building was opened by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal in November 2004.

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