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Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020

Welcome to the new Territorial Mission Plan. Our Southern Africa Territory has declared that our mission is motivated by the love of God.

Our overall vision is:
The Salvation Army is a vibrant movement with people of integrity, coming alongside communities, enabling growth and transformation of the whole person through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The TMP builds upon the success of the Territorial Strategic Plan and provides six key focus areas to rejuvenate and advance our mission:

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Youth & Children
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Stewardship

The TMP will be prayerfully completed annually by corps leadership and reported upon during the corps review.

“Go out and make disciples in all nations…” Matt 28:19 The Voice

When looking at what is most needed for TSA to be true to its mission, the Key Areas proposed as a focus for moving forward break down as follows:


The Salvation Army 2018 - 2020 Strategic Plan