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The Salvation Army marked its return with a march of witness through the main street of Windhoek. Children in bright yellow t-shirts, proudly displaying they belonged to the salvation Army of Namibia, marched with other Salvationists and friends behind the Southern Africa Territorial flag and the Namibian national flag. The sound of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ and ‘Joy in the Salvation Army’, had many shoppers stopping to clap and sing along.

The Salvation Army’s history in Namibia goes back to 1913 but little is known of this venture which is thought to have been brought to an end by the First World War. The next attempt in 1931 appeared to be going forward but sadly ended in tragedy when Pro-Captain James Claasen Who had been appointed to Namibia with his wife, was accidently killed on Italy at the start of World War Two. The Salvation Army then made the decision to withdraw from Namibia. However, Namibia was never forgotten and sixty nine years later God has called for the return of The Salvation Army.

The official opening took place at the Evangelical Lutheran church of Namibia where Officers, soldiers, friends, representatives from other churches and the community gathered. It was stated; “This is an historical occasion and one that must remind us that the work of God is far from over”.

The weekend celebrations concluded with a Musicale with the theme ‘Praise’. During this celebration Brother Lucas Conradie, who had been enrolled as a senior soldier that morning with his wife, testified of his life prior to knowing Christ. He spoke of not being able to attend his mother’s funeral because he was in jail, however, a chance meeting with Major Jwili changed that way of life. Great laughter was heard when he told of how friends deserted him when he accepted Christ, however, they now want to know what has changed his life and why he is so ‘handsome’ all the time.

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