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Rehabilitation Centres

As part of its mission to bring healing and wholeness to people in need, The Salvation Army provides a service to those struggling with dependence in various forms. Such dependence can take many forms, including alcoholic and drug dependence, and the services of The Salvation Army are focused on restoring to wholeness the lives of the people who turn to it for help.

The Hesketh King Treatment Centre provides a Christian-based holistic inpatient treatment programme for alcohol and drug addiction. Situated in the Boland, Western Cape, the Centre offers two programmes: a 12-week programme for adult men aged 21 to 75 years; and an 8-week programme for young men aged 16 to 20 years. The latter was established in response to the huge escalation of drug abuse, and particularly the use of Tik or Methamphetamine, among young people in the Western Cape.

Treatment is individualized and implemented by a multi-disciplinary team which includes social workers, nursing staff, addiction counsellors, pastoral counsellors, clinical psychologists and volunteers. The 12-step programme adopts an holistic approach with a focus on outcomes-based therapy together with life-skills education. Recovery on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels is addressed. Referrals are made by medical and other helping professionals, family members or by self-referral. An assessment will be arranged before admission. The primary criteria for admission are:

  • Primary diagnosis of alcohol or drug addiction;
  • Physically and psychologically able to undergo treatment for the set duration; and
  • A willingness to give the principles of the programme a chance of success.

Spiritual services are provided through church services on Sundays, bible study classes, and counselling sessions. Evangelical weekends are held month at which different groups from different churches share testimonies and lead the worship.

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