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2023 – It’s back to school

With the relaxation of the summer holidays over, January brought a flurry of preparations for ‘back to school’ at our Joseph Baynes Children’s home in Pentrich, Pietermaritzburg.

School uniforms have had to be organised, together with stationery for 55 children. And based on our 100% pass rate for the last two years, it’s been a time of excited anticipation for the coming year.

All packed and ready to go.

Mornings are like any other household. There’s the rush to wash faces, brush teeth, get dressed, have breakfast, grab the sandwich and juice lunch-pack and head for the buses which start at 6.30am.

The last children come home from school at around 15.15 pm. Then it’s homework time, supper and bed.

Whilst these are very ordinary ‘family’ activities and schedules, for the children at Joseph Baynes Home, they wouldn’t happen without friends like you.

‘Thank you’, from the heart of each one of our children and each Salvation Army staff member at Joseph Baynes.

Your love and support sustains every day of our lives. May you be blessed in abundance for your caring.