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67 minutes of enriching a poor community

Monday, 18th July 2011  I  For immediate release

Taking up the responsibility for making the world a better place, The Salvation Army, led by its Territorial Commander, Commissioner André Cox, spent its 67 minutes of community service today at Diepsloot Combined School, north of Johannesburg, to commemorate Nelson Mandela Day.

Together with other members of its leadership and community representatives, The Salvation Army fed the school’s 1600 children, did motivational talks, facilitated painting classes and restructured the school’s library.

“We came to this school with the intention to inspire South Africans to bring positive change in the lives of poor people in Diepsloot and its surroundings,” said Captain Piet Semeno, Public Relations Secretary of The Salvation Army.

“For many years, people have come to spend their Mandela Day with us and helping us in the homes we run for children and the destitute. Now things have changed. The Salvation Army is going out to the people to do exactly what they did for it.”

The Diepsloot community is experiencing several socio-economic problems such as a high unemployment rate, poverty and domestic violence.

“We want to make a difference to the lives of the poor children who go to Diepsloot Combined School and the people of this community,” Captain Semeno said. “We also want them to recognise their potential to change the world around them for the better.”

In addition to embracing Nelson Mandela’s values and honouring his legacy, The Salvation Army’s ministry is intent on empowering communities around South Africa, helping areas that have been affected by natural disasters, helping people find their missing relatives, fighting human trafficking and promoting efforts to eradicate poverty.

Captain Semeno added: “The Salvation Army is a worldwide organisation with a seamless connection between its different branches. That is why we are all committed in helping the community members of the areas in which the organisation operates in to develop.”

The Salvation Army’s work includes homes for babies and children with HIV/Aids, pre-schools, shelters for the homeless, emergency services, feeding schemes, centres for abused women and children, homes for abandoned children, prevention of human trafficking, the protection of the victims and the lawful prosecution of the perpetrators.

Captain Semeno said that one of the objectives of The Salvation Army is to encourage members of the disadvantaged communities in South Africa to learn to use “what they have” to develop themselves and those around them.


The Salvation Army is an international movement and evangelical part of the universal Christian Church and has a professional record in rehabilitating and accommodating trafficking trade victims and addressing social injustice in a systematic, measured, proactive and Christian manner through its International Social Justice Commission.


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