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Action is our goal for 2020

This year, The Salvation Army is marking 2020 as The Year of Action. The recent news stories we have brought to you, certainly shows the tremendous impact our carers have on those poor souls who seek our help. This is particularly impressive in our homes for abused women and for little children.

While it is sickening to read of the abuse too many of our women have to suffer – shamefully South Africa has the highest incidence in the world – it is inspiring to learn how magnificently those we’ve helped have responded. How our homes bring peace and hope into their lives. And how our dedicated guidance and teaching changes their future, giving new direction and bringing success.

Particularly tragic is the effect that rape can have on a woman, especially the utter degradation of gang rape. It can lead to the total rejection of an unwanted child who may, in turn, suffer all sorts of psychological problems for much of their life.

These are challenges our carers are faced with day after day. And it is our privilege to be able to call on God’s help, on His wisdom and guidance, to effect a change. And sharing our faith and prayers makes a monumental difference in helping our clients reach ‘normality’ through forgiveness, understanding, and building a new and better future.

We have shared some truly inspiring stories in our news feed – stories of wonderful recovery and faith in the future that you have helped create through your generous support. Only through this support can we actively help these minor miracles take shape. Thank you and God bless you.

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Major Carin Holmes
Public Relations Secretary
Southern Africa Territory