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After the floods – you were with us

Most people have quickly forgotten about the floods that destroyed great parts of KwaZulu Natal in 2022 – except those who experienced the loss and devastation, and its aftermath.

Besides the damage to infrastructures including roads, health care, schools and communication, over 12 000 homes were destroyed. Tragically, 448 people died, and 40 000 others were displaced when their entire lives were washed away.

Help was desperately needed, and thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we were able to provide some of that help.

With immediate effect, our staff and volunteers worked day and night to bring some relief.

Support like yours went into food parcels and hygiene packs to 300 families; 800 people received blankets, and 500 foam mattresses were delivered; two-plate stoves were given to 60 families; seven water security tanks/pumps (36 400 litres) were erected; and 10 000 water purification packages were distributed, each package making 20 litres (a total of 200000 litres). Thousands of people also received clothing. Your kindness also provided cooked meals which we took to community halls being used to shelter those families who had lost everything.

Thank you for ‘being there’ when your help was needed most.

Whilst it could be said that the worst is over, it isn’t. Two major groups are still suffering:

Those with no place to go – thousands still occupy temporary accommodation in community halls because where they were living is not suitable for rebuilding. How will they restart their lives?

Those with a place, but no resources – these people have a viable location/land on which to rebuild but lack resources.

So far, we’ve been able to assist 78 families with a R5 000 construction voucher to rebuild their homes.

Beyond the material, the loss of loved ones is traumatic. Psycho-social needs are considerable and a great deal of time is spent in counselling.

We continue to evaluate the needs, and believe that with your ongoing donations and in partnership with other NGOs in the area, we can continue to help flood victims rebuild their shattered lives.

Some of the hundreds of mattresses we were able to give to the flood victims
A grateful flood victim with the stove, mattresses, blankets and food that friends like you helped us to deliver.
Mattresses were distributed in Umlazi and other areas hit by the floods