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An icon of health and healing

The original of what is now The Booth Memorial Hospital in Cape Town opened its doors on Monday 28 May 1917. 

During its time as a maternity unit, 27 000 babies were born there.  Then for a number of years, the hospital was a long-term frail age facility.  And it was finally re-opened as a sub-acute hospital, owned and managed by The Salvation Army with assistance from the Western Cape Department of Health.

The mission of the hospital today continues to provide a compassionate healing ministry for people in need.  There are beds for 106 patients.  And although situated in the City Bowl, the hospital covers a much wider catchment area.

            Services include:

  • Rehabilitation for patients having stable heart and blood pressure with a fair to good prognosis following a recent stroke, fracture, joint replacement, amputation or head injury.
  • Convalescence following acute hospital treatment when the patient isn’t well enough to be discharged.  Examples are post pneumonia, multiple fractures, pulmonary oedema, chronic renal failure and abdominal surgery.
  • Terminal care of patients in the end stages of illness.  HIV/AIDS and TB patients are cared for in a dedicated ward specialising in palliative care.

The nursing ethos of the Booth Memorial Hospital and the gratitude of patients can perhaps be best expressed in this letter from Adele Groenendaal:

Adele Groenendaal and Major Yvonne Wood

I was sent to Booth Memorial Hospital as a completely broken person.  I was frail, 30kgs underweight.  I had a bedsore so big that you could fit your fist into it.  The doctors at the previous hospital had told my family that there was nothing more they could do for me, and relatives from around the country came to bid me farewell, with our pastor praying for me.

“With so much love and care, I was nursed back to health by the staff at The Booth Memorial Hospital.  After five months I got to go back home.  I owe my life to The Salvation Army.  A huge miracle took place in my life.

“As I heard many patients say before me, the healing you receive here is not only physical, its spiritual and mental as well.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.’

With Booth Memorial Hospital being one of our missions of community outreach, we also thank you for helping to keep the doors of the hospital open.  With your donations, you provide a medical ‘last stop’ for hope and healing.