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Can men who become monsters be forgiven?

I cannot stress how important a good, strong and loving family unit is. The most successful families always do best when the head of the family is a strong and loving man. A ‘real man’ does not bully, he does not belittle, and he never hits a woman or child nor does he abuse an animal. When he and his wife take equal responsibility for bringing up the children in a loving home, with constant contact with God through prayer and moral values, the family is even stronger than ever.

Today so many single mothers are doing a fantastic job, because, sadly, they have not had the support they need from their husbands. And they have in many cases resisted potential for abuse thus saving their own sanity and dignity, and prevented the children from being witnesses to unholy behaviour.

If you know anyone in an unsettled or dangerous relationship, please make their life better by taking them somewhere for help. Our doors are always open.

Captain Velani Buthelezi

Public Relations Secretary, Southern Africa Territory