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Christmas Appeal 2012

Dear Friends,

As Christmas has become ever more commercialised, the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.

While the concept of ‘giving’ remains, it is no longer giving with the heart, but largely to satisfy greed, to keep up with the Jones’s, to ‘buy’ the kids’ love by spoiling them, or the love of someone else – often because we don’t give of our time the rest of the year.

As one of the selfless people who have given to The Salvation Army at different times throughout the seasons, I believe you share with us the true spirit of Christmas: to give – not for accolades, not as a ‘bribe’ – but to make someone else’s life easier, better, happier.

But giving doesn’t begin and end with presents. Often giving your time is more important, more valuable. Giving your ‘goodwill to all men’ should be part of our year-round philosophy. And, of course, the ultimate gift is love.


As a gesture of our goodwill to you, I am enclosing a handy calendar which I trust you will find useful for all the months of 2013. It’s also to say how much we appreciate your year-round support. Without the selfless giving we joyously receive from you and our other invaluable donors, The Salvation Army would not be able to offer the help we give to the homeless, the destitute, the orphaned, the sick, the lonely, the spiritually deprived – the old and the young.


And of course at this time of the year, the numbers of needy increase. The loneliness and desperation drive more and more to seek our material and spiritual support. With your help The Salvation Army can help others. Generosity is a gift from God, bestowed on kings and beggars alike. Bless you for sharing your generosity with us.

We wish you a truly blessed Christmas and year ahead.

Major Carin Holmes
Publlc Relations Secretary
Southern Africa Territory