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Giving the famished a feast

The tantalising aroma of roast pork wafts up from The Salvation Army’s South Rand Corps where Nelly Mandega, Matilda Mupanedengu and Fiona Abrahams are preparing this delicious roast and veggy lunch for 50 to 60 guests! The ladies are all part of Home League and Community Care Ministries (CCM). Their guests will be the poor of the local community.

Lending a helping hand are (left to right) Fiona Abrahams, Matilda Mupanedengu
and Nelly Mandega

Nelly, who comes from Zimbabwe, proudly admits to having grown up in The Salvation Army. Being part of CCM has inspired her to help the less fortunate. “Our biggest challenge,” she says, “is not always having enough food donations. It’s unthinkable to say to these poor people ‘sorry we don’t have enough for you’. So we appeal to our members to help to us feed this community.”

Two of our regular church-goers, nine-year old David and his mother enjoy some hot lunch

Matilda, a dressmaker who lives in Rosettenville with her three kids, takes great pride in helping prepare these Sunday meals. “I am so blessed,” she says “This is my way of giving back.”

Fiona Abrahams makes the Sunday school breakfast for 60-70 kids each week, then helps with the lunch for the poor and homeless.

The South Rand Corps also has an active Youth Committee which tackles ways to raise funds for their various projects, and Lt. Owen Mutize conducts rousing strong Sunday services to spread the Gospel.

“There are a lot of children here,” he commented, “and it’s so rewarding to see them not only enjoying the bowl of porridge we give them, but bringing their parents to church!” He’s also busy with hospital visits and ministering to old-age homes in the area.

Some of our guests enjoy the treat of a good meal

When Sunday services are over, a long luncheon queue has already formed – moms, dads, kids, singles, young, old, some homeless … All wait patiently for this much-needed meal in these tough times.

A thoughtful threesome – Sipho, Eddie and Moses – satisfy their hunger pangs
Lt. Owen Mutize with his intrepid volunteers – Matilda, Nelly and Fiona.