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Have you heard of ‘agape’?

Love’! It’s an important word in the vocabulary of any language in the world.

Will you share the blessing of love with a child who needs it most?

And the reason is because we all want love in our lives.

In this ‘month of love’, take a step back with me to the time of the ancient Greeks who had eight different words for the various types of love.

Of course, there’s a place in today’s world for romantic love (with the Greek name of ‘eros’) with its sentiments. But we’d like to talk to you about a different type of love – ‘agape’.

Agape is selfless universal love. It is unconditional, bigger than ourselves, and is filled with boundless compassion and empathy for others, whether known to us or strangers.

Every person’s life begins with their birth and childhood days, when love is needed most.

Those children who are loved immediately and continue to be so are truly blessed. But there are also circumstances where children of all ages find themselves alone in the world and without love.

Their backgrounds are all horror stories.

Some, like Faith* and David* have been abandoned at birth, left in public places, perhaps hoping that someone will find the baby in time for survival. Others come from abusive households where they live in terror of domestic violence fuelled by alcohol and drugs. Cynthia* is one of these.

Ayanda*, not yet a teenager was left to care for her younger siblings when their mother died. This whole little family was in need. Unimaginably, six-year-old Joyce* was sexually abused by a family member, and when we gave her refuge she was HIV positive and covered in sores. Our children’s stories are all heart-breaking.

But this is when we give thanks for friends like you. People of compassion and real love for others – people who support our places of care for these damaged children with your donations. You can never be thanked enough.

If you have a heart for children, please will you send your gift of love – and donation – today?

The wonder about children is that however damaged they are, they respond positively to love. And you help us to give that love for however long it takes to reach healing of both body and spirit, regain broken trust, and start to flourish.

It’s this wonder that prompts us to ask you if you’ll give another ‘gift of love’ this year?

Please will you click here now to send your ‘gift of love’?

The sad circumstances that children suffer is not of their making. They are innocent victims. But they are also helpless in their vulnerability.

That said, we are here to give them the unconditional love needed for recovery. We are here, motivated by our Christian faith, and thanks to your financial partnership and encouragement.

May you be blessed for your caring heart and your generosity. And may you know all the love that you deserve.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.