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Hope for the future

Passionate and enthusiastic, Lt. Owen believes everyone is born with hope and a need to make a difference, sadly this hope is too often crippled in life by lack of opportunity.

The Salvation Army has an excellent reputation for giving our children the kind of caring and attention that makes them excel. Of course, this success is only possible through your staunch support. You give to those of us who are working for The Salvation Army constant hope for the future, no matter how hard times become, and this in turn is passed on to every child that comes into our “family”.

Then there is the spiritual guidance and strength that they get in great measure. Knowing that they have your incredibly important backing is a powerful force in their lives, helping greatly to boost their confidence in themselves and the future.

We know times are particularly difficult at present – the unprecedented troubles we are all facing in terms of disease and war and poverty, which makes it more potent when our “kids” achieve. May God give you the strength and ability to continue giving them that power.

Captain Velani Buthelezi

Public Relations Secretary, Southern Africa Territory