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Ignite God’s love this February

Dear Friend,

Each year as Valentine’s Day approaches, we hear people say how commercialised and even meaningless this day has become.

As love is still the greatest force for good we, The Salvation Army, thank God for Valentine’s Day because it is a warm reminder to us of the importance of love in our lives, of showing our depth of feeling to people who turn to us in desperate need.

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love. We, because of our particular circumstances, appreciate that love is all around us and has numerous nuances. What is so beautiful about love is that it means so many things for each one of us, and yet, at the same time, it’s recognised as something all of us seek because it’s so precious and so important to our wellbeing.

There is a special love that new-born babies ignite among all who share in their lives. Like many of God’s most precious gifts, we don’t always consciously recognise the powerful presence of many different types of love, but when the occasion arises our hearts automatically open to share our depth of feeling.

We could find ourselves reaching out to some poor soul who has mistakenly been involved with substance abuse. Difficult teenagers can be surprised by our warmth and sympathy. Love may be shown in the kindness of a meal for a homeless person who – dirty, hungry and shunned – turns to us for a meal and some clothing. It may be in the support given to a family whose world has fallen apart through any number of circumstances. It could be in the protection given to a woman and her children who have fl ed an abusive home situation; or in the compassion shown to an elderly person who needs the haven of kindness that our Eventide homes offer.

In our commitment to showing God’s love to others, we open our arms and hearts with compassion to the needy … those who’ve known only rejection and sadness. And we do it with the help and support of generous people like you. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Let us ignite and rejoice in God’s love. Your gift today will help us spread the kind of love that is synonymous with The Salvation Army to those who need it most of all. Thank you and may God bless your kindness.


Captain Velani Buthelezi
Public Relations Secretary
Southern Africa Territory

P.S. As you are a loyal supporter of The Salvation Army, you could spread a lot of extra love by passing on this appeal and encouraging others in your circle to help us as well.