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Salvation Army warns against frustrations boiling over

WEDNESDAY, 25 NOVEMBER, 2020 I For immediate release

As the country approaches its first festive season under Covid-19, The Salvation Army has appealed to South Africans of all walks of life not to allow their frustrations to boil over into violence against women and children.
Speaking at the start of the annual 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children campaign, the Church noted that many people are facing huge pressures as a result of Covid-19.
PR Secretary for the Southern Africa region, Major Carin Holmes, said: “Loss of income or jobs because of Covid-19 has pushed many people in our country to the edge of their tolerance levels. This will be felt even more during the festive season as the usual end-of-year bonuses do not materialise for many.
“It is imperative that South Africans do not take their frustrations out on the most vulnerable of our society – women and children – at this time. To do so will reignite the second pandemic about which President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke so eloquently earlier this year.
“South Africans need to exercise dignity, discipline and restraint. Avoid the use of alcohol, which wastes precious resources and leads to loss of control,” she said.
Major Holmes noted that many of The Salvation Army Churches are undertaking marches through their communities to raise awareness of violence against women and children.
“Listen to their messages. Ask our officers to pray with you for strength to overcome your challenges,” she added.

The Salvation Army is an international movement and evangelical part of the universal Christian Church and has a professional record in rehabilitating and accommodating trafficking trade victims and addressing social injustice in a systematic, measured, proactive and Christian manner through its International Social Justice Commission.


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