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Seeing winter through different eyes

The icy winter is here. It can be felt everywhere, but for the poor, the elderly, the hungry and the homeless, winter is a much different season than it is for you and me.  It may be hard if you have a warm meal at night, a coat, snug shoes, and a roof over your head to even imagine what it’s like to have nothing at all. Just imagine not knowing where you will find your next meal…where you will sleep that night…how you will keep warm with nothing but threadbare clothes between you and the icy cold…imagine you have little children so vulnerable that hunger or cold could kill them… Such situations are difficult for many people to contemplate.

And yet this winter – as in winters past – there will be many thousands of needy people in such situations who will look to The Salvation Army for help. They will not be turned away.

As the bitter winter tightens its icy grip, The Salvation Army is today – right now – appealing for your help in our efforts to reach out with food and blankets to thousands of desperately needy people in our country. Your gift is urgently needed and will be used with care and gratitude. We simply cannot do it alone.

God bless you for your generous support.

Captain Velani Buthelezi

Public Relations Secretary, Southern Africa Territory