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2023 Is a landmark year in which, thanks to the compassionate generosity of valued supporters and friends like you, The Salvation Army celebrates 140 years of serving the people of Southern Africa.

We are deeply and sincerely grateful for your partnership and your constancy in making real differences in the lives of our fellow citizens in need.  Thank you.

As a Territory, we face many challenges – unbearable loadshedding, poor service delivery, natural disasters, spiralling cost of living, political upheavals, unemployment, and the many ills of our society.

Despite these challenges, our values, as shared by you, of human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community continue to be echoed throughout our work and your support.

The history centrespread of this newsletter will take you back to the humble beginnings of the organisation that we are today.  And whilst your donations may fund Southern African projects in particular, you’re also part of a worldwide group of like-minded people working for the greater good of mankind.

As part of the celebration, the ‘Torch of Divine Power’ will be lit at all Divisions in the Southern Africa Territory.  This lighting symbolises the power of God, that Major Rose Simmonds believed they needed when she and two others arrived in Cape Town 140 years ago to spread the work of The Salvation Army.  That ‘Army of Three’ was victorious.

The theme for this celebratory year is ‘Growing side by side’.  It is taken from 1 Thessalonians 5:11 – ‘Therefore encourage one another and build each other up’.

There’s great wisdom in the knowledge that we are all connected, and all needone another,  which makes this theme particularly meaningful, and one in which we look forward to joining hands with you.

The formal commemoration of 140 years will take place in Durban between 22-24 September at our Territorial Congress and include an open-air community engagement, praise and worship, a music festival and a street March of Witness.

In keeping with every Salvation Army event, all are welcome.

I thank you.

Major Thataetsile Semeno
Territorial Communications Secretary
The Salvation Army, Southern Africa Territory