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Thank you for the joy that you gave at Christmas

“I’m not forgotten.”

These were the words of Joseph, as he received the Christmas meal and small gift, provided by donations like yours.

They were Joseph’s words, but the sentiment was there in every heart as homeless men, women and children gathered at our Salvation Army Churches and centres across the country.  Gratitude for being remembered at Christmas, and gratitude for your kindness.

Ten-year-old Thembi hid shyly behind her gogo as she whispered her thanks.  “It makes us happy to be here”, said Xoli.  “We are suffering, but tonight we are happy and thankful for a good meal”, beamed 82-year-old Simon.


'Keep the Christmas message in your heart throughout the year.  Let the feelings of goodwill, of charity and cheer be continued through the seasons that before us lie.  Let Christmas be forever, and its spirit never die.’ (Patience Strong)

At the newly established Mabopane Elderly Day Care Centre the room was filled with Christmas songs, and very few felt too old to do just a little joyful dancing.

Some of the venues were decorated, some were plain and simple, but it was the joy of giving and receiving that took centre stage.  In some instances, food parcels were also given to help families in need.

You also have our gratitude – for giving us the privilege of being the hands that gave out the food and small gifts that your generosity made possible.  Thank you – not only for giving joy at Christmas, but also for keeping hope alive for those in desperate circumstances.

*Names have been changed