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These are the services and projects that you help to provide

  • Child and Youth Care Centres for children, orphans, and those who have been abused and abandoned, or removed from their families by the Courts.  Professional rehabilitative counselling is given, and every effort is made towards reuniting the child with the family where possible.
  • Nursery schools and Early Childhood Education Centres to support needy families in which both parents are at work during the day.  These centres provide a safe and stimulating environment with a focus on good nutrition.
  • Addressing gender based violence with shelters for abused women and their little ones.  These safe havens allow women and children to find a path to healing and capacity building towards creating a new life for themselves.
  • Family Care Centres in major cities for individuals and families who need a practical and spiritual stepping stone in life.
  • Care for the Aged.  These programmes are available to those who are disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable, with the aim of enhancing human dignity whilst providing a high standard of shelter, food, clothing and healthcare.
  • Substance Dependency Rehabilitation.  Patients are accepted on a voluntary basis as this contributes to a more positive outcome.  An intensive therapy and pastoral programme is offered under the direction of social workers, psychiatrists, a staff nurse and counsellors.
  • Homes for Men, many of whom have been rejected by their families because of former alcohol and drug related problems.
  • Homes for frail care patients and people needing psychiatric care.
  • Hospitals for special needs patients.
  • Addressing the scourge of human trafficking.
With the help of our donors we can offer
children a safe home.
  • Home League is a programme for all women, working or at home.  It covers fellowship, education, service and worship, equipping women for growth in personal understanding and life skills as well as the ability to address issues which affect women and their families in the world.  Members meet once a week and Home League has proven to be exceptionally beneficial for women in very poor rural areas.
  • Feeding the Homeless and Destitute.
  • Emergency relief to victims of natural disasters.

Feeding in Braamfontein.

In the icy winter wind, three women sit on a concrete bench, each warming their hands around a cup of hot soup.  Pretty, Nosiphiwe, Porcha and Ntombi all tell the same sad story of being homeless and sleeping under bridges, in doorways and on park benches.  Even with experience none of them can find work.  Their gratitude for this small but ‘heaven-sent’ meal and a blanket each goes straight to the heart.  Thank you for caring enough to help these women, when others don’t.