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This Christmas set your world alight with love

Dear Friend,

Imagine the light generated from two thousand and twenty-one candles! For that is the number needed to celebrate this birth date of baby Jesus, who brought the power of God to all of us here.

He planted into each one of us the light of belief. The light that brings out the goodness of caring and sharing, and of giving. Imagine how powerful this light will be if we all let it free this Christmas. After the dark, seemingly endless suffering from the Covid pandemic and the ghastly,senseless wars around the globe, divine light is desperately needed for survival.

In this blessedly unique season, when God gave us His only son, we in turn bestow gifts on those we love. For it is in giving that we receive. It is in the Festive Season that we find ourselves making more time for all the special people in our lives. And we exchange carefully selected gifts. It is also a time we count our blessings and appreciate how fortunate we are. Yet for too many in our land, Christmas is a time for sadness, loneliness, hunger and depression.

As always, your Christmas donations help us change lives. It allows us to give the children in our homes a small gift. It enables us to give struggling parents, children and other close relatives, the joy of a real family Christmas. And it brings friendship and companionship to older people who didn’t think that there was anyone left who cared. It also empowers us to give homeless people the chance of a whole new start in life. Just being remembered will bring a smile to their hearts and help make their light shine brighter.

As you are one of our most important donors, I’m sure you’ll understand why I’m urging you, in all humility, to open your heart as wide as possible this Christmas. Your generosity will make God’s light shine brighter than ever. We couldn’t do Christmas without you. May God’s light shine on you and those you love. Bless you for your support.

Captain Velani Buthelezi signature

Captain Velani Buthelezi
Public Relations Secretary, Southern Africa Territory

PS: May your Christmas and the year ahead be filled with the same blessings of love, joy and kindness that you give to others.