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This Valentine’s Day – Celebrate the ‘Gift of Love’

Dear Romantic!

How much more romantic could we be than to change the whole calendar to start your year off with the warm and loving month of February – the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Doesn’t it have a more lively and adventurous spirit than poor old January, already exhausted from the whole frenetic month of December with its over-indulging and over-spending? February arrives, fresh with new energy and trusted old resolutions.

In our enclosed new calendar, note how the first month of our year is highlighted with the symbol of love on February 14. And remember that love is even more than an emotion shared by lovers. Remember, too, that when you were given the Gift of Love, it was not a measure-full to be rationed out. You can love more and more people all the time – more children, more brothers and sisters, more aunties and uncles, more friends. And you don’t have to take away love from one person to give to another. Love is the one emotion that goes on and on regenerating itself. This is the miracle of love. It is yours to give freely and abundantly.

So this Valentine’s Day, while you will naturally spend as lavishly as you can on one particular romantic love of your life, you can also spread your generosity to embrace those who don’t have the luxury of family or friends who can share their Gift of Love.

A generosity of spirit

A thought to those in The Salvation Army will be a magnificent gesture of selflessness. A gesture of caring for your fellow beings that goes beyond caring. We in this great organisation will appreciate that you understand the depth of human suffering, and that your willingness to share what you have shows an exceptional generosity of spirit.

At The Salvation Army, February 14 does not pass as any other day: we make a point of spreading around an extra spirit of love, as we express the great value of your support. Even our youngest dependents sense the magic in the atmosphere. And among the older groups, as a background to their nostalgia, their “I remember whens …” we try to add an element of fun to the day.

While we celebrate love in the name of the Valentine who was martyred 1 600 years ago, the Gift of Love of course goes right back to the man who sacrificed his life for us at the start of Christianity. And in a world currently overcome by widespread hate, isn’t it wonderful to be part of a community dedicated to generate and commemorate love?

May you enjoy a rare romantic love this February on any day you choose to honour Valentine, and may the love of God be with you throughout this still-fresh new year.

Carin signature

Major Carin Holmes
Public Relations Secretary
Southern Africa Territory

PS: I’d like to thank you in anticipation of your support for The Salvation Army this February, helping us care for ever more destitute souls seeking sanctuary under God’s umbrella of love. And please do NOT send cash
through the post. IT IS NOT SAFE.