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Thy will be done

“Are you sure about this?” the Estate Planner asked the elderly lady sitting opposite her. “Oh yes, very, sure, I  have no family, and there are a few items that are very precious to me and I would really like each of them to go to someone who will really value them when I’m gone. What’s left I’d love The Salvation Army to have.”

This is not the recommended way you go about making your own Will. But we must stress the importance of making your ‘last will and testament’ no matter what age you are, and being aware that you will undoubtedly change it sometimes along the way. Life is too uncertain to put it off. Dying intestate leaves an incredible burden on whoever has to sort out your estate.

First of all you want to take care of your loved ones, family and others dear to you. After all, you’ve worked hard for your money and you’ll want to ensure that your family can continue the good life you’ve carved out for them.

There’s possibly also a lot that doesn’t mean much to them but would be hugely appreciated by a lot of strangers. This is when it’s a great idea to consider a non-profit organisation like The Salvation Army which takes care of many thousands of the most poverty-stricken, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the country.

We need clothes of all sizes and shapes for people of both sexes and all ages. We need furniture for our many homes throughout the country, pictures and nick knacks to brighten the walls and surfaces, equipment for numerous kitchens, books to expand minds, sports equipment for our growing youngsters. And tools for those studying trade. Anything you can think of, we need.

Generous donors have had halls or centres named after them. All leave a significant and lasting impact on the lives of those who, coming into our care, now have their own aspirations.

Should you choose to include us in your will, communication will be in strictest confidence. You can speak to our legacy fundraising officer, Ethresia van Staden, on 011 718 6708, your lawyer or financial adviser about your last wishes. If you have already included us in your Will, we thank you sincerely and gratefully. God bless you.