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Time to lift the masks and see the soul of South Africa…

…and time to celebrate God’s miraculous gift of life

Yes, dear friend, for the past nine months the presence of masks has hidden the reality… the terrible sorrow of loss – of loved ones, of homes, of jobs. The haunting hollows of hunger. Poverty’s erosion of the spirit. The fear of the future.

The Salvation Army has survived worse with the help of wonderful people like you. People who endorse all we stand for – making a better life for all those who have lost the will to go on. And we will survive this crisis with your help.

We will supply small Christmas gifts to all the kids in our children’s homes. The elderly and all others in our care will receive special festive lunches. Many hungry, impoverished and homeless will have a cooked dinner and hundreds of children living in informal settlements, will also receive a tiny gift to cherish as their own.

In this season of goodwill, of hugs and smiles, of families and friends, we ask that you remember how much your gift to The Salvation Army will mean over the festive season, to those who have so little. Because letting someone else know that they’re remembered with kind-heartedness at this special time, is certainly one of the most precious gifts of all.

I’m quite sure that when you and other supporters remove your masks, we will find faces that reflect humanitarian care, a face of kindness and concern and wonderful generosity.

May you and your family be blessed, and all your hopes fulfilled in the coming year.

Carin signature

Major Carin Holmes
Public Relations Secretary
Southern Africa Territory

PS: If circumstances are such that you can only help one cause this Christmas, I beg you to make that cause The Salvation Army. We have a long tradition and must continue to meet the needs of South Africans.