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Valentine’s Appeal 2014

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when the young and romantic – and the not-so-young but still romantic – turn their thoughts to someone special to spoil on February 14. We’re sure you have a romantic surprise planned for someone particularly close to your heart and wondered how we could help make the day a little
more special. In an inspired moment, we thought how man continually proves the power of love – and especially through words . . . the seductive words of poetry and the lilting words of song. So we’ve put together the enclosed little booklet with a few of the world’s most-enduring love songs. Share a sing-along with your Valentine – or get inspiration if you need help in stringing together some appropriate words to announce or re-affirm your love.

Of course the third century Roman St Valentine was martyred and is remembered for his romantic heroism in marrying couples against the laws, yet his was a universal love – like the love of God whose compassion he was manifesting. At The Salvation Army we, too, share a love for every soul that comes into our ambit, needing our sanctuary, St Valentine, dear friend! our physical care, and our spiritual strength. It is not for us to judge why they have come, it is sufficient for us to know that God has sent them and that He will make it possible for us to help them.

For he has created people like you – someone who also has a selfless love for those less fortunate. In our hearts we sing your praises for coming to the rescue time and time again, giving what help you can when you can. This St Valentine’s Day the young and old under our auspices throughout the country may not enjoy that one-on-one romantic love that will be your privilege, but each and every one of them will know that they are loved by many, many people whose names are unknown to them. For we make a point of stressing how our donors are the notes that make the music of The Salvation Army, creating a universal symphony of upliftment.

Greater love cannot be shown.

Thank you – may love be the theme of your greatest blessings throughout this year.

Major Carin Holmes
Public Relations Secretary, Southern Africa Territory