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What is a legacy?

In everyday terms, a legacy or a bequest is a gift of money or another item of some worth left to a beneficiary in one’s Will.

But a real legacy is much more than that.

A real legacy is what can also be called an ethical or spiritual legacy.  It’s the way in which you want to be remembered.  It’s a way in which your name is written on hearts beyond your own lifetime.  It’s a way of continuing to make important differences – the ones begun during your lifetime, and continue to make into the future when you’re no longer physically present.

In everyone’s Will, family and other loved ones come first – as they should.  But there can also be space to include a gift to a cause or organisation that’s close to your heart.

As someone who regularly helps people in need through the services of The Salvation Army, might you want to continue giving that help as part of your legacy by naming The Salvation Army as an extra beneficiary in your Will?

If you’re considering this and would like to talk to us, or have your questions answered, please contact Ethresia Vanstaden on 011 718 6751 or email  Or if you’ve already made and perhaps even recorded your decision, we’d so appreciate knowing about it so that we can thank you appropriately.

We’d also like to assure you that all communications regarding bequests are kept strictly confidential.  We also recognise that a decision of this nature can be changed at any time on your part. Meanwhile, please accept our sincere thanks for what you’re already doing to improve lives, make differences, and give hope where it’s really needed.  May you be blessed for your kindness.