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Where there’s a will …

As we all know, that very familiar saying ends off with a wonderful promise … there is a way.   But what if there’s no Will?

Close up of hand signing a Last Will and Testament document

I am, of course, talking about a document that ensures the things you love will be passed on to those you love.

Probably because of all the deaths we are now experiencing from the corona virus, which seems never-ending, and the recent shocking violence in our country, suddenly everyone seems to be talking about making a Will. A colleague, a widow for many years, felt she had nothing to leave her grandsons as everything she has is too ‘girlish’.   A bachelor piped up with the opposite problem – all his heirs are nieces and all his goods are macho!

At least people are realising how important it is to make a Will, without which chaos and misery can occur. Often there’s a lot of stuff no family member wants – excess furniture for instance. To solve this problem, a lot of kind and thoughtful people are adding a clause to this effect “The remainder of my estate to be donated to The Salvation Army.

Of course if you are in a position to donate financially, you can be certain that your bequest will go to a magnificent cause, helping thousands of the most deserving people on Earth, from new-born babes to those reaching their end, of all colours and creeds.

Should you choose to include us in your Will, you can speak to our legacy fundraising officer, Ethresia van Staden, on 011 718 6751. All discussions will be in strict confidence. Or of course you can speak to your lawyer or financial adviser about your last wishes.

If you have already included us in your Will, we thank you sincerely and gratefully. God bless you.

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