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You already help in so many ways…

And every single way is appreciated more than you can know.

But there’s also a way of helping which costs you nothing now.  This way is a promise to the future, which can be changed at any time – by including The Salvation Army as a beneficiary in your Will.

First and foremost, your Will is meant to secure the future of your loved ones beyond your lifetime.  That must be your highest priority.

But sometimes there’s space to include a gift to a cause that you’ve supported, and that may be close to your heart – perhaps even The Salvation Army?

Should you wish to consider this visionary gift to the future, or if you’ve already left a bequest to The Salvation Army, we’d really appreciate knowing about it, so that we can thank you appropriately.

Such a gift would be a memorial to your life and values, and your ongoing compassionate kindness to people in need. Importantly, you should know that any communications of this very personal nature are kept in strict confidence between us.