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Bikers bring truckloads of blessings to Mission

Major Michael Doubell with one of the friendly bikers.

It’s Sunday morning and there’s an excited buzz at the Krugersdorp Family Mission Centre, as the residents and staff lay out tables and chairs in the garden and staff in the kitchen are hard at work preparing hot dogs and bacon and egg rolls.  Then, suddenly all you can hear is the revs from 150 motor bikes coming down the road, led by Major Michael Doubell, who heads up the centre in Krugersdorp followed by three trucks packed to the brim with hundreds of items collected by the bikers. The residents and staff rush to the gate excitedly clapping and waving, welcoming the bikers as they dismount and walk up the driveway. The air is filled with shouted greetings and effusive welcomes. Soon everyone is tucking into hot dogs, bacon and egg rolls, tea and coffee.

Major Michael Doubell, welcomes the bikers and says a prayer of thanks for the generous pile of goods they brought with them, and for the hard work and kindness that has gone into their gifts. The items, that are distributed to needy people, will go a long way to making life a little easier for those who have so little.

This was the annual May event organised by Syndicate Club when clothes, blankets, toys and other useful items are handed over to The Salvation Army. It’s a tradition that began years ago, and one that is as welcome today as it was on that first occasion.

These bikers and friends make a real effort to reach out to others less fortunate than they. They have our heartfelt gratitude for the difference their thoughtfulness will make.

Bikers and friends gather at the Krugersdorp Family Mission Centre for their annual Salvation Army charity run.